Worldwide Recompilation Of Bonzai Plant Types

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Bonsai trees are quite the rage these days. People all across the world love the little tray-planted trees, and sometimes, grow them from scratch. The term “bonsai” means “tray planted”, and have been around for over a thousand years.

However, these plants need plenty of care. Here are some basic steps.

To begin, obviously, you need to buy a bonsai tree to keep. It’s best to select a tree that’s indigenous to your area, as buying a tree that isn’t will be more difficult to keep alive.

Once you’ve got your tree, the next thing to do is to water it. It’s not a bad idea to weigh your tree before and after watering it to see how much water it holds and thus, how much it will need in the future.

Fertilizing your tree is vital as well. Do this once or twice a month during its growing season, and definitely do this right after you water it.

Assuming your tree is in the shape that you want it to be in, it’s a good idea to prune it in order to keep it in that shape.

Every two to three years, you’ll want to re-pot your bonsai tree to keep it healthy and give it room to grow. It is recommended, when you do this, to trim the root ball down by about a third of its size to keep everything in balance.

With this in mind, you should be well on your way to owning and keeping a healthy and happy bonsai tree.

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