Types Of Bonzai Plants You Can Buy

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There is a nearly endless number of bonzai trees available. Here are a few of the more popular bonzai varieties.

Chinese Juniper, also known as Shimpaku or Juniperus chinesis, grows in an irregular mound-like shape. Its soft, dark green needles grow all year round.

Bald Cypress or Taxodium distinchum is a very slow-growing bonzai with feather-like foliage. This tree is said to be a good starter bonzai for beginners.

Another choice for a beginner is the Okinawa Holly bonzai, also called Malphigia coccigera, which is easy to maintain. It grows small pink flowers during the warmer months. Never heard of this before? Get up to speed here.

Some species of bamboo, or Dracena sanderiana, are popular. Lucky Bamboo, which is also known as Pachira or Lotus Bamboo, can be featured as one stalk or bundled together in multiples.

A few bonzais feature flowers rather than shaped foliage. The Dwarf Pomegranate grows red-orange blooms shaped like trumpets. This bonzai species also produces very small ornamental fruits after flowering. Other flowering bonzais include the Lavender Star Flower and the Azalea.

Finally, one of the most visually striking types of bonzai tree is Pinus parviflora or the Japanese White Pine, which can grow extremely tall in its natural state but features a wide canopy when trained as a bonzai.

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