Different Types Of Tropical Bonzai Plants

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There are several types of Bonsai plants, some being easier than others to grow, these can be purchased at your local nursery or other large retailers that sell plants as well as some specialty shops. These types of plants can be grown either indoors or outdoors during temperate weather. Some of the most popular and easiest are the Ficus, this plant responds well to the frequent pruning required to keep a Bonsai’s shape. Others include the Jade plant, Mock orange, Boxwood and the Money plant. All these are tropical in nature and fairly easy for the beginner to grow.The full explanation can be found at http://randythomas.co/2012/05/25/thor-bonsai-thorsai/Didn’t catch that? This explains it. However remember these are miniature trees in small pots and will require more frequent watering but do not keep wet as this could promote rot. For the more advanced grower there are flowering tropical Bonsai such as Weeping Cherry,Azalea, Gardenia, Ligustrum, Honeysuckle, Dwarf Plum and several other citrus trees. Each of these tropical plants have their own specific requirements which includes how much lighting, fertilizing and watering. It is best to ask questions when purchasing these plants and to take some time researching and become familiar with the specific plant’s requirements in order to keep your Bonsai growing and thriving.

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