Caring For Your Tropical Bonzai Plants

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The bonsai is a combination of art and horticulture, and no two plants are alike. With proper care, bonsai can thrive for hundreds of years becoming legacies from one generation to another. Contrary to popular belief, bonsai are not dwarf hybrids but are rather suitable small leafed varieties that grow naturally in the wild. The Japanese favor varieties such as bamboo, pine, plum and azalea for their bonsai artistic creations.

Tropical bonsai are outdoor plants and should be cared for in climes that accommodate the ability to grow them outdoors or in a temperature and humidity controlled greenhouse.Confused? href=’’>Here ‘s a little help . Bonsai are considered growing trees, therefore requiring soil that drains more rapidly than conventional potting soils. This can be accomplished with a mixture of sand, potting soil and composted bark.

Tropical Bonsai plants require frequent watering and each different plant necessitates a specific watering schedule. During growing season the soil should be kept moist at all times. Using a fertilizer that dissolves in water about once a month, will serve to enhance and maintain the health of the bonsai.

Pruning the branches and leaves of the bonsai gives it shape while root trimming maintains its small size. The bonsai should be taken out of the soil every two to three years, and the roots trimmed back to one to two thirds its root length. This depends on its species and growth rate.

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